High Income & High Net Worth Individuals

Providing wealth management, accounting and tax services to high net worth individuals has been a cornerstone of the services of Copeland, Hild & Trotter, P.C.. Under the direction of partner Ray Copeland, the Individual Team provides personalized accounting, tax and financial services to clients who have reached a level of success that requires the dedicated attention of professionals. Our years of experience and expertise assisting high net-worth individuals with the complex generational, estate, trust, spousal, familial, tax, income, reporting, record keeping, business and fiduciary issues that accompany the accumulation of wealth is quietly recognized.

We provide a full range of services to many families and individuals throughout the US and abroad and look forward to discussing your unique requirements.

Many of our High Income & High Net Worth Clients prefer to have their work done outside their local area. Many people find the cost of high quality accounting services provided by our firm more reasonable compared to similar services in most major cities. We have no tax on services provided in the state of Oklahoma.

Our objective is to help you keep more of your income during your lifetime and pass more to your heirs while maintaining control of your assets.