You take enough risks everyday; you can't afford to take chances with your accounting firm.

Running a profitable business is tough. To grow, or even to survive, it's simply not enough to know how to build buildings, manufacture products, sell automobiles, etc. You're constantly faced with people problems, competition, cost overruns, changing laws and regulations, changing technology, valuation issues, financing strategies, etc. The list is endless and the decisions you can make in these areas on a daily basis can enhance your profits - or wipe them out entirely.

Undeniably, risk is a fact of life in your business. To manage risk effectively, you need reliable information from knowledgeable advisors. Where can you turn?

Copeland & Trotter, P.C. is a full-service firm of motivated and dedicated CPAs and advisors. We understand the challenges facing your organizations and will leave no stone unturned in an effort to overcome those challenges.

Copeland & Trotter, P.C. has the experience, the qualifications and the ability to meet the accounting, auditing and management assistance needs of your organization. Our committed approach to client service, along with the reasons, which follow, leads us to believe that we are the best choice to meet your many needs. Of course, we still provide tax and accounting compliance services for our clients. But that's not where we place our emphasis. Our specialists apply their extensive experience to help you find money-making or money-saving solutions to the increasingly sophisticated and complex problems you face daily in controlling and managing change.

We Can Help
We can value your business. Business owners frequently make best-guess estimates of value based on rule of thumb, book value or perhaps an old valuation report. Relying on these informal, inaccurate or even outdated measures of worth can lead to underestimates of value and costly mistakes. Whether you are selling or buying a business, planning your estate or settling a contract dispute, it's critical to have a sound, professional valuation opinion from a firm that will stand behind its conclusions. Lenders, insurers, the courts and government agencies are increasingly insisting on expert opinions to support claims where value is concerned. You can also expect help from us in the following areas.

Financing and bonding
Job and cost accounting systems
Business planning and organizational development
Cash flow management
Insurance reviews
Sales tax compliance
Litigation support
Employee benefit plan review and administration
Ownership succession planning
Dispute and claims management
Lease/buy considerations
Budgeting and forecasting
Mergers and acquisitions
Buy/sell agreements
Human resources
To remain competitive, you need an edge. To continue to prosper and adapt to the rapid-fire pace of changes in the industry, you need a partner with sharp business acumen. We are committed to just such a "partnership" attitude. We share an earnest desire to see that your business is successful. To reap the rewards available in the business world, you can't afford to gamble with an accountant who doesn't know your needs. You need the benefit of knowledgeable professionals who know your business from the ground up.